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Protective Clothing suppliers What is the difference between the function of isolation clothing and protective clothing
1. Define different gowns: medical personnel are protected from contamination by blood, body fluids, and other infectious substances during contact. They are also protective equipment used to protect patients from infection. Protective clothing: disposable protective equipment worn by medical staff when they come into contact with patients with Class A or Class A infectious diseases.
2. Isolation garments are used in the isolation area, that is, in the hospital, and protective garments are used in the CDC.
3. It is also different for patients to wear isolation clothing: contact with patients with infectious diseases transmitted by contact, such as patients with disease-transmitted diseases, patients with multi-drug resistant bacteria; protective isolation for patients, such as patients with extensive burns, bone graft patients Of patients. Prevent infection by the patient's blood, body fluids, secretions and feces. In short, the isolation gown is used for patients with strict isolation, contact isolation and protective isolation. Wear protective clothing: When exposed to airborne and droplet-borne infectious disease patients, they may be splashed by blood, body fluids, secretions, and feces. But this kind of patient is not very serious but just a general infection.
Product performance structure and composition: This product is made of compound film cloth, which is composed of hat, jacket and pants. It can be divided into one-piece structure and split structure. Filter the particles in the air, filtering efficiency 鈮?0%, water repellent,Breathable, good moisture permeability.
Scope of application: medical.
Quantine clothing has disinfection tolerance, good color fastness to washing, prevents shrinkage, does not support combustion, is non-toxic and non-irritating, and is harmless to the skin.
The ability of anti-tearing, anti-puncture, anti-abrasion, etc. Avoid tearing and puncturing to provide a channel for the spread of bacteria and viruses, and wear resistance can prevent the flocculation place from providing a place for the propagation of bacteria and viruses.
Comfortability includes breathability, water vapor permeability, drape, quality, surface thickness, electrostatic properties, color, reflection, odor, and skin sensitization. The main thing is breathability and moisture permeability.Protective Clothing suppliers

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