Evermax 19 Ноября 2023 в 22:57

На сайте норм прям можно английский подтянуть

raven 11 Мая 2023 в 19:27


UnkinD 8 Мая 2023 в 13:12

короче , за месяц кроме объявлений о продаже ничего не появилось нового... я не вижу смысла поддерживать даоее данный ресурс.

UnkinD 15 Апреля 2023 в 18:00


mukca 15 Апреля 2023 в 13:08

тебя искал... щутка.. в вк всплыла гонка в Ставрополе, вспомнил за велокавказ решил зайти

UnkinD 14 Апреля 2023 в 18:10

Миха , а ты то что тут забыл ? ))

mukca 14 Апреля 2023 в 14:27

Них... него тут нет. Удаляй Нах... Разрешаю :D

UnkinD 10 Апреля 2023 в 17:31

Алкобайкеры тут ? )))

Leshiy 4 Апреля 2023 в 21:54


Evermax 4 Апреля 2023 в 21:31

Офигеть, сайт ещё жив, респект!

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19 сен 2023, 12:07
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Сообщение China3DTransparentDomedStickerManufacturs
China3DTransparentDomedStickerManufacturs Our History
Yiqi is a deep-processing enterprise specializing in the production and processing of various metal signs, stickers, labels, aluminum and copper trademarks, nameplates, medals, badges and other products.
Our Factory
Our company was founded in 2008 and headquartered in Zhejiang, China. Our factory has more than ten years of special research experience, and the technology is increasingly innovative. Provide high-quality and customized production and services for many customers. We have advanced production and processing equipment, which can meet the needs of customers. The product processes mainly include: corrosion, oxidation, engraving, silk screen printing, ultra-thin electroforming, laser, stamping, die casting, high gloss and other metal signs and 3D circular overlay stickers and labels.
Our Product
We can provide you with a comprehensive one-stop service, from product design to proofing, to subsequent finished product delivery and after-sales. According to our rich production and service experience, there is no need to worry about product quality and delivery time. There will be salespeople to provide one-to-one service throughout the whole process, and you can monitor the production progress of products at any time.
Product Application
Our products are beautiful, durable and cheap. We will provide considerate services to help you get the most suitable products for you.
Our Certificate
Our Service
We have perfect sample preparation, sample sending and international air and sea express system. Can quickly and accurately arrange products to you. You can contact us by email or online inquiry, and sincerely hope to get your approval.
Thank you for your visit.China3DTransparentDomedStickerManufacturs

19 сен 2023, 12:13
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